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I'm playing FFXIV since the closed betas of the 2.0. I really enjoy almost all the features we have, but this game has always had a lack of contents for people that are between the savage raids.

FFXIV Mid-Core Content For Mid-Core Players

I'm playing FFXIV since the closed betas of the 2.0. I really enjoy almost all the features we have, but this game has always had a lack of contents for people that are between the savage raids (only accessible with an organized static) and the daily roulettes that are far from a challenge. Someone will say that we have Primal Ex as a mid-core content, and yes they're surely a mid-core content, but they do not have any longevity, cause after one month from the release they become old. In few words, I am speaking about a fun mid-core content with a high replayability. Something the mid-core player are willing to do over and over again, because it challenges them, and it rewards them (and I don't mean in a tangible way. A simple sense of satisfaction is more than enough).


This content is not meant for a SURE clear. It’s a mid-core content, so it must be a challenge, and with an high replayability. It will not be frustrating like a “Savage”, cause the difficulty is based on the basic mechanics of the game (dodge, pulls, knowledge of the jobs) and on the single player’s skill and not on group mechanics (A3S digititis, A1S hydrothermal missile). It’s a long duty with a lot of things to do that requires a good amount of concentration. The reward system however will not penalize the casual players that can enjoy the content also without clearing it. At the same time the mid-core or hardcore players will be satisfied both in rewards and most of all in challenge. 


Mechanics/Features : 


1. Full Party content (8 players).


2. A completely instanced area. Not like the usual dungeons or raids (corridor, room, corridor, room) but an area like Dravanian Forelands completely instanced. The players will start in a safe outpost in this instance (like Tailfeather).


3. Mounts. Flying mounts are not allowed, only terrestrial mounts will be available.


4. Time limit. None or a very long one.


5. No ress/respawn point. The members of the party can be resurrected only where they died, if the entire party wipes the duty fails and all players get kicked from the instance. 

A new life for the Phoenix' Downs. To not oblige people to group too many healers or summoners, a rework for the Phoenix Down item can be useful.


6. No respawn of the mobs.


7. Mobs :

- NO mobs like the hunts' rank S/A or Diadem’s ones that have only a large amount of HP and one mechanic.

- NO trash-mobs like the ones we have in dungeons or raids, with mechanics restricted to only meres aoe. 

- YES to mobs that have synergy between them, a group of four mobs (linked) like this one : a mob that deals high damage, a mob healer, one that cast debuffs (vulnerability, paralysis) and the last one that does not have aggro. Groups of mobs that oblige the players to play they're job at their best. More fun, more challenge with basic mechanics.

- YES to a more complex system of patrols, and with an instanced area and not a dungeon-like map (see number 2) the tanks' pulls and positioning will become the key to survive in this content.


8. Elite Quests. In the map there will be 10 quests, but not the standard ones like "kill x mobs". First of all if the party fails any of these quests or wipes during them, the duty fails and all party gets kicked from the instance. 

A few examples of these quests : 

- escort a caravan from point A to point B and defending it from waves of mobs; 

- a quest where you have to kill a boss in a mini-dungeon inside the map. A tower like the one in Anyx Trine (for remain in the Forelands) with 4-5 floors full of mobs, and at the top of it an extreme mode of Giruveganus (Stone Vigil HM's last boss), so a fight without aggro, without a pattern with emphasis on dodging, knowledge of the fight and concentration. 


9. Fee. To join the instance it’s required a fee of tokens. Example : to join the instance it’s required a fee of 300-500 tomestones of esoterics (not the end tier tokens, but the ones with the cap at 2000 not the weekly one). The party will be rewarded with 50-100 tokens of esoterics for every Elite quest completed. This feature is for discourage trolls to ruins the game experience.


10. Last Boss. Once all the party manages to complete all the 10 quests the arena where the last boss dwells can be accessed. The difficulty of this boss it must be like the fights of the Minstrel's Ballad, Ultima’s Bane and Thordan at the time of their respective releases. As I said at the beginning of this post, it’s a challenging content, so this boss must be killed with a single try. If the party wipes, all got kicked from the instance.


11. Rewards. First of all we needs weapons and armors sets unique to this content (only glamour). For being crafted these sets require a good amount of an unique material, only obtainable inside this content. The ways to obtain this material will be :

- 5-10% drop rate from every mob inside the instance.

- 50% drop rate of a single item from the chests of the mid-bosses.

- 100% drop rate of 2-5 items from the last boss’ chest.

To craft an entire set of armor the player will need an amount of 120-150 of this unique material.

There will be also chests all over the instance can drop a mount and a minipet with a 10% of drop rate, to promote the exploration of the entire instance. 


12. Balancing over time. Every mid-content must be playable and balanced for the entire life of the game. So the options are few :

- an item level sync like the one in pvp, so an item level 200 sync from now till the end of the game.

- a system like the levequests one. A system that scale the content depending on the average level and item level of the entire party.


13. Achievements and ranked system. There will be different achievements for this content :

- Elite Quests accomplished.

- Full clears.

Like as happened with T9 or T13 farm parties (at least in EU/NA servers), the players asked in Party Finder to link the 10 clears achievement from the lodestone as a requirement to join the party. A system like that can be used for people that wanna runs the content in a more midcore-hardcore way without annoying the casual players and vice-versa.


Setting/Lore : I noticed that we never went in the "inner zones" of the 2.x beast tribes' territories. Like Zahar'ak, we can see in Southern Thanalan an "high tower"(maybe the heart of the Amalj'aa city) but we cannot reach it; same for the buildings in the upper part of the mines (on the skyline) in Outer la Noscea, that may can be the city of the Kobolds; same for the native Isle of the Sahagins or the Sylphland's inner forest. Why do not use them for a content? 

A Zahar’ak City as an instanced map, with Amalj’aa as mobs and mid-bosses, with themed Elite Quests and armor/weapon sets, and as Final Boss an Ifrit (savage).

This is a suggestion of mine, I think that it will be very cool, but if the devs have already in development something for these "inner zones", they can use another setting.

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