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I originally leveled Astrologian to be my main, replacing myself as scholar in my static. I cleared all the current endgame, including Ravana ex on my Astrologian

Final Fantasy 14:I do agree the Astrologian animations are the best in the game

I originally leveled Astrologian to be my main, replacing myself as scholar in my static. I cleared all the current endgame, including Ravana ex on my Astrologian. My Whm partner preferred I use nocturnal stance for the shields, which, frankly, help a lot in progression and allow more room for error, especially with ffxiv tanks still learning when to pop cds and the boss rotations. Unfortunately the shields are very mana intensive and break to every autoattack making our support dps give me mana at some point every pull. Because of the mana issues and weakness of the shields I don't think whm/noct stance ast is a good option. The two jobs are much better off just stacking their hots.


FFXIV During healer down time I would stand around doing nothing, letting my Whm partner solo heal--rather than dps--to recover mana. When people took heavy damage I would rely on my partner to bring us back and had very few tools to help recover from a near wipe making recovery almost impossible or take much longer putting us at risk of failing the dps checks. The card buffs just aren't enough to make up the difference. My Whm partner argued what I'm going to say next, but I felt carried.


If I died my Whm partner could get me up and save us from a wipe. If he died it was a wipe. I just couldn't handle the heavy damage on my own with my group's gear levels. I'd go oom very quickly and have no reserves after sending a rez out.


Maybe a portion of my issue is my group's play style is more geared toward maximizing scholar advantages but I personally don't find ast can compete with a 60 scholar. Since clearing Ravana ex I've switched back to Scholar and the difference was huge in how much more flexibility I had with my fairy patch healing while I dps and the toolkit of emergency backup heals. Not to mention better mitigation with super virus, and E4E. Raid buffs were more consistent with Selene than with the cards making dps higher overall even when excluding mine. Her new Area of Effect leeches skill is also extremely useful and I used it liberally in Ravana ex allowing my Whm partner to focus more on healing when DPS messed up mechanics.


I feel like there were two different development teams. One team for the level 51-60 skills for whm/sch and a second team for the 1-60 skills for ast. The class feels more balanced for FCoB content at level 60 when comparing it to a 60 whm/sch with all the buffs they got this expansion. This is further evidenced by how the class hots stack for whm/ast but not for ast/ast. It makes zero sense why they allow for them to stack in one scenario but not the other when the regens of two astrologians would be weaker than whm/whm.


I do agree the Astrologian animations are the best in the game. I love the mini universe effects. The astrologian lb3 is by far the best. Such a shame I won't be playing this class for Alexander.

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My suggestions for FFXIV Astrologian are mostly as written on the shortlist in sig

Draw will only cool down for up to 15 seconds before the card already drawn must be used to continue the cooldown. At level 40, FFXIV Astrologian receives the ability Spread, with no cooldown, into which a drawn card can be saved.


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FFXIV 3.0 Paladin I'd like to see.Pushed my FFXIV Paladin to lvl 60 within the first 3 days of HW.CoS- This is are only FFXIV Area of Effect(AOE) generating attack and I feel its the weakest in comparison to the WARs and Dark Knight(DRK) of the world.


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Like I said I'm not a Dark Knight (Final Fantasy XIV) expert, you're not a Paladin and don't have as many CDs to cycle, so you'll want to take more advantage of breaks in damage, such as a FF14 White Mage(WHM) using Holy which stuns the mobs, etc.


Final Fantasy XIV Leveling 48 Astrologian and need a bit of advice

As a disclaimer, I am only a level 48 Astrologian, and I do not have end-game healing experience, so I cannot say exactly how to prioritize everything.


FFXIV Heavensward: Astrologian's biggest flaws in my honest opinion

The Astrologian/Scholar should be the better compo in term of DPS (Selene + cards) but since most of the time you end-up using Eos with an Astrologian

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