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When I leveled my Final Fantasy XIV Paladin about 2 years ago, I had 0 aggro issues. No class could pull off me in dungeons 30 to 40. (Nor before or after for that matter lol)

Final Fantasy XIV ARR: The logic behind Warrior and Dark Knight getting their stances at 30

When I leveled my Final Fantasy XIV Paladin about 2 years ago, I had 0 aggro issues. No class could pull off me in dungeons 30 to 40. (Nor before or after for that matter lol)


This is me trying to get into SE heads and see the reasoning behind this decision.


The logic behind why Paladin gets Sword Oath instead of Shield Oath at 30 is probably because: 

1- For the entirety of Paladin's levels from 1 to 54, Paladin only has 1 combo to use on single targets and it is its aggro combo. Unlike Warrior which uses Maim and Dark Knight that has Siphon Strike which have no aggro built in. Paladin has no real reason to use Riot Blade on single targets. This is the same reason why Paladin originally has a lower multiplier on its main enmity combo.


2- Paladin with shield and CDs has higher mitigation than Warrior (Final Fantasy XIV WAR gets Inner Beast at 35 and has no defensive CDs until 42) so it is in no rush to get Shield Oath.


3- A Sword Oath Paladin does the same DPS as most DPS classes at that level so holding enmity shouldn't be a problem on single targets. (Same DPS but with enmity multipliers? Overkill!).


4- In AoE situations, Paladin can spam Flash indefinitely. Flash got buffed and is stronger than Overpower without Maim. Paladin should have no problem in AoE situations. Specially with the only class capable of decent AoE between 30 and 40 is BLM and it is weak at that level because they do not have access to Astral Fire 3 and comes in bursts and has a downtime to refill MP. None of the melees have AoEs before 40 and BRD's AoE is expensive ffxiv gil.


The logic behind Warrior and Dark Knight getting their stances at 30 is:


1- Warrior and Dark Knight have one stance only so they get it at 30. (Deliverance is an added stance in HW so it wasn't in the original design). They also have mechanics tied to abilities they get at 30.


2- Warrior has its other definsive abilities tied to Defiance. Without defiance on, you can't use ANY of the "Warrior" job abilities.


3- Due to their mechanics, Dark Knight and Warrior use non-enmity building skills such as Fracture, Maim combos and Inner Beast (WAR), Siphon Combos and Scourge (Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight).


With that said, I'm already 50+ on all classes other than AST and MCH and I don't do low level dungeons, so whether SE changes that or not doesn't affect me. If it really is hurting the new Paladins, I think it should be changed. But I do not think it's a problem personally.


As for Paladin's stun, even though it is on the Global Cool Down, it is the fastest activating stun in the game. You press it and it happens, there is no animation delay. (Warrior stun had to be buffed actually as it had a fat 0.5s delay on it). Paladin's stun is the longest (6s) and can be used repeatedly. Removing it off the Global Cool Down would mean it goes to 5s like the other stuns and gets a CD of 20s. The TP cost is prohibitive though. Again, I'm indifferent to this as I would like it stays unique.

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