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FFXIV Dragoon: has a somewhat strict skill usage pattern, a few minor positional moves, and several skill enhancements to weave.

Final Fantasy XIV Online: You can have both a summon and a chocobo out

If it helps, it might be better to read how each class plays rather than just opinions on what is considered easy or hard:


FFXIV Dragoon: has a somewhat strict skill usage pattern, a few minor positional moves, and several skill enhancements to weave. After level 50 they gain a buff, the timer of which can be extended or consumed with the use of 2 other moves: end-gameplay involves balancing that timer on top of their clear cut regular rotation. Most mobile melee with 2 gap closers and a versatile jump.

Monk: vast majority of its core skills have positional needs, you'll be moving around the enemy a lot. Has innate speed and involves upkeep of several short but strong buffs/debuffs. Lose your main one and your dps sinks and have to ramp up again.


Ninja: goes through several combos to keep up buffs, a handful with positional requirements. Has some good team utility with enmity tools and increasing all incoming damage on a target briefly. Uses mudra casts in between all this to do strong magical moves. Also fast paced like monk thanks to a speed buff that needs to be up.


Bard: not many actual Global Cool Downs, but lots of things to weave. Mainly focuses on the upkeep of 2 dots while weaving and keeping an eye out for skill procs. At level 52 you get a brief cast time to most skills making movement a bit less free. Can play songs to help replenish MP/TP or increase magic damage on enemies.


Machinist: similar to bard with not many Global Cool Downs and a lot (a LOT) of things to weave. They only have 1 dot to upkeep though, and rely on random procs for a 3 hit combo, the randomness being removed at points by an ammo system, in between cooldown management. Has some strong on-demand burst. Has to also keep an eye on their turrets which can also support the party with MP/TP. Can be a bit more tunnel-vision inducing than other jobs but maybe it's just me.


FFXIV Summoner: most damage comes from dots, also has pets to assist. When all dots are ticking they can fill in with other moves, the strongest of which use a 3-stack aetherflow system. Towards 60 they get a stance that boosts damage briefly.


Black Mage: Shifts between Fire and Ice buffs, the former is big damage mode that consumes MP, the latter is "recovery" mode. Simple to learn, but the system has a lot of nuances, and especially beyond 50 your grasp on the timing of these stances as well as other timed buffs will be put to the test. In a perfect world would love to move as little as possible.

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When I leveled my Final Fantasy XIV Paladin about 2 years ago, I had 0 aggro issues. No class could pull off me in dungeons 30 to 40. (Nor before or after for that matter lol)


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lightspeed/benefic proc- Without a reduction in Global Cool Down we simply have the ILLUSION of being faster since nearly every spell you would cast under Linkshell has a cast time shorter than Global Cool Down


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Node defense is the one area where Paladin’s fall short to other tanks. You only have two skills that can interrupt node captures: Glory slash and Circle of Scorn.


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Sword Oath damage bonus - No. Paladin DPS in Sword Oath is fine enough. What is not fine is their enmity generation in Sword Oath. They need to have the enmity of their Rage of Halone combo buffed by a substantial amount

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