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lightspeed/benefic proc- Without a reduction in Global Cool Down we simply have the ILLUSION of being faster since nearly every spell you would cast under Linkshell has a cast time shorter than Global Cool Down

Here is one of my Final Fantasy XIV thought collections

IMO its really only some of our cds that need work. This class is designed to be a machinegun healer, and some of the cds just fly in the face of that. Focus on mobility, the healing is quick, cheap, and slightly weaker. EMBRACE IT!


Firstly: CU- Everything about this class screams 'quick, mobile healer' and then we get a sit-on-our-hands skill. Don't move or cast for 18 secs, for a long cd, or clip it and waste potential benefit for such a long cd. Before now I had simply wished to be able to place it like the other two healers but now I would like something a bit different- keep the barrier centered on us but once we cast it, it stays around us and we can move/cast normally. We now have a mobile barrier deserving of the long ass cd. We still have the penalty of needing to be up in the action, unlike the safely placed asylum/sacred soil but we keep MOVING. Reduce potency if necessary but I think the long cd is enough.

For my other idea that isn't focused on mobility and keeps the stationary aspect- since diurnal got buffed a bit but this is still a sit-still-cast-nothing skill we are talking about needs more Nyargh Oomph. give both diurnal and noct a % Damage reduction. diurnal now lowers damage and has large hot ticks. FOr noct I suggest a new effect- pretty much Spirit Link totem in WoW. It equalizes the HP among all inside. So if you have one person at 100% and someone else at 1% they would then both be set at 51%. This effect would tick like the regen ticks. Alternatively allow all incoming damage to be split evenly? Perhaps these are a bit op for tank busters though.


Second: lightspeed/benefic proc- Without a reduction in Global Cool Down we simply have the ILLUSION of being faster since nearly every spell you would cast under Final Fantasy XIV Linkshell has a cast time shorter than Global Cool Down. Anyone who has played any of the mage classes is probably very familiar with being able to move>cast>clip the spell at the last moment to get the spell casts still but also move which would get you almost the same result as Final Fantasy XIV Linkshell but without the potency reduction since very rarely do you have to keep moving with zero breaks for that long. Both Linkshell and the proc don't reduce the Global Cool Down meaning you don't ACTUALLY pump out heals any faster even though it seems like the intent.


The proc should make next bene2 instant and off Global Cool Down, and Final Fantasy XIV Linkshell should reduce the Global Cool Down by 1 second, or perhaps 1.5 seconds. This in addition to the change we already have of MP reduction and removal of the healing penalty. This makes Linkshell our 'emergency cd' we so sorely lack without making it a potency increaser like divine seal/rouse/fey illumination or a carbon copy of presence of mind. If this seems too op either lower the duration of lightspeed buff (keeping in mind it can be increased with CO) or increase the cd. Remember though-other healers have 2 healing cds or more so if this is our ONLY one it should be DARN GOOD. (yes I know we have synastry which is great but it does not fill the same purpose of 'OMG tank/party needs it all RIGHT NAO')


Thirdly: cards- I actually think the cards are in a good place. They are a supplement and flavor to the class NOT THE MAIN FOCUS as most people seem to think. Make shuffle prevent redrawing the same card would be gravy. Since the spam-style of the class is designed to burn mp, I'd propose draw restore 1-2% mp. Not an emergency-mp restore like aetherflow, or a chunk like assize. Not a regen like LA or shroud, but a small constant upkeep. Rewards continuous use of the cards, but if you want to sit on a spread/rr combo you already have its not the hugest loss. Everyone wants the buffs to be super huge but I really think that unnecessary and potentially waaaay too op. since drawing the card is what restores mp, not using it, you can still spread/rr/shuffle without losing your gain.


Fourth: noct sect- I have said this in a few places but I really do think that making our shields ticking shields would be unique and wonderful. A regen-shield would build up, stacking to a larger amount if you aren't taking damage or continuously mitigate continuous damage a little bit, smoothing it out. Plus if they worked this way both time dilation and CO would extend them in a useful way. They should if left to build to a full stack, be close to but not as strong as a Scholar galvanize. I envision the regen-shield stacking to work like this- aspected benefic and aspected helios are themselves two buffs but the shield they grant is still the same buff it is now and separate. They both stack the same shield, refreshing it (this way the durations are tracked separately from the application duration). So a tank with both aspect benefic and aspect helios would get faster/more ffxiv gil/stronger ticks of shielding.


Noct shields and scholar shields shouldn't overwrite each other :/ at the very least even if noct gets UNTOUCHED make only the strongest shield apply between noct/Scholar PLEASE. I would like AFTER this implementation to perhaps split the aspected benefic and aspected helios into separate buffs and split adlo/succor for scholar as well so they can stack, been thinking about that for ages. At least TRY it for a little while-I feel like SE can balance it so they can stack without being OP. I know se clearly intended for an Final Fantasy XIV Astrologian/Scholar pair to use a diurnal Astrologian but it's just plain limiting. Two Scholar can effectively work now with all their new tools, and 2 White Mage have always been able to stack hots. 2 diurnal Astrologian can't stack hots either-again making a 2 Astrologian comp someone is forced to use noct. Something needs to give here.


Perhaps my idea is too complicated but with wow having spells like sacred shied and stone bulwark totem I know the concept is already out there. On a slightly separate note the ONE thing I miss from my wow UI (default game's raid UI, mind) is the ability to see incoming heals (the ones with cats times but not instants) and see shields on the party hp bars. Huge QOL. Then again you can stack disc/pally shields in WoW too, and several classes have at least one ability to absorb damage. I know this isn't wow and doesn't need to work quite like it but hey....the game has been around for years they did get some things pretty nicely hammered out over that time.


Lastly: CO- This is our friggin level 60 skill with a stupidly long cd. WHY IS IT NOT SUPER AMAZING?! You have one of the most beautiful spell effects in the game but it does so LITTLE. I would like to add a heal component to this spell- a constellation like chain heal (the opportunity was perfect thematically I don't see how this missed the game already) that reduces damage taken a small amount in noct sect and increases healing received in diurnal sect. And change the stun to a unique debuff :/ I would say get rid of the stun altogether with adding a heal component but it IS supposed to be close to stopping time....I think with the constellation heal and the 5 sec buff extension it would be in a nice place.


And some QOL adjustments....

- stella change to paralyze. add heavy to gravity (come on, its gravity and a lvl 52 spell)

-disable not used on autoattacks

-perhaps switch the levels you gain gravity and combust2. Not having any Area of Effect(aoe) before lvl 52 is killer

-increase range on aspected benefic a teeny bit? mayhap not as large as medica 2 but it is way too small now.


And perhaps hearing how others feel about them. The star/card theme of the class is wonderful! Synastry and time dilation are great! Essential dignity is great! We have so much potential to stand alongside the powerhouses of White Mage and Scholar. We should not be a weaker version of both- we should be a strong and unique healer on our own. I don't want to be a copy. If I did I would go be Final Fantasy XIV White Mage/Scholar.


new idea since my original post- allow synastry to copy also half the healing from aspect benefic ticks and grant half the shielding of noct aspect benefic. If we keep it as is now and have so very FEW healing cds, they should all be very very awesome and not so...niche. And/or allow any single target heal on the synastry target to be raised by a % so we have a GOOD tank cd aside from poor ED, which is often only a delay of the inevitable.


With a souped-up lightspeed, better CU, buffed synastry, and CO being our assize/indomitability we could react to bad situations so much better than now.

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