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Stronger DoT effects, they get two DoTs that I find super effective and that in my opinion invalidate the 80 "potency" turret that the Machinist gets

Leveling Bard after getting 60 FFXIV Machinist let me explain my feelings

Final Fantasy XIV Bard advantages:


-Stronger DoT effects, they get two DoTs that I find super effective and that in my opinion invalidate the 80 "potency" turret that the Machinist gets. Because their DoT's scale with WM + buffs and while needing upkeep the fact that they are affected even by WM alone as well as their damage amp traits shoves their potency even further. Plus they are not affected by radius/range as much at all.


-I lost count at how many times a turret I would place down would be thrown away and invalidated and with a 10s cooldown if it breaks or is moved then it's done. 

This includes the movements of white mages/etc. It is a very VERY manual process and one I find frustrating in high mobility/ENEMY KNOCKBACKS/PUSH AWAY situations. A Bard would dominate here because they can move with their song/their DoT's don't even have a range issue in the same way whatsoever.


-Final Fantasy XIV Bards get MANY MANY MORE procs with bloodletter and their execute. "It's only 12s and mch is only 30s you crybaby". In practice that it a LOT more. LOTS more. I can hardly believe anyone would trivialize this because in practice I can get tons more damage off through these skills being so widely available. I understand silentshot is similar to bloodletter but at the cost of only being 2/3rds the potency and having a static cooldown timer opposed to one that can proc even more and thus is used significantly more.


-Bards get Foe's requiem which is it's own unique skill and is significantly more impactful than Machinist's turret "damage amp" abilities. It is also on demand, with no ties / worries to other skills aside from your MP consumption.However lets be serious, if you're trying to do an Final Fantasy XIV AoE heavy dungeon then a Bard's Foe's requiem >mana song and the damage amplification spread over that many targets is a HUGE deal and makes them superb in a magic-heavy party.


-Bard's have a SEPARATION on their "increase enemy damage taken" abilities and their "double manasong" buff, it can be irritating as all hell as a Machinist to want to increase damage taken but you don't use that purely based upon the fact that you do not bloody desire to leave your healers screwed out of mana.


With the changes that came a few days ago to gauss and Wanderer Min it is putting bards in a more stationary position but Final Fantasy XIV Machinist are still able to keep most of its mobility via procs and rapid fire.

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-I personally think iron jaws, emp arrow and sidewinder are FANTASTIC skills. However Bard is with heavy shot/straight shot even more burdened by WM than Machinist is with Gauss.

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