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I didn't see a similar thread and there was no survey or questions asked to anyone who partecipated, so I thought I'd share my opinions here.

Personal Feedback for FFXV Free Login Campaign

I didn't see a similar thread and there was no survey or questions asked to anyone who partecipated, so I thought I'd share my opinions here.


I unsubbed shortly after 2.5 dropped because the dragon war storyline did not interest me and I was getting sick of all the grinding in the game. I come back with the free login campaigns to check in with my old static (they have all left the game, as I found out this week), free company and pick up wherever I had left.


As much as the leveling content is fun (and it is) and some things have been eased (I had actually asked for carbontwine and carboncoat to be sold for tomestones and they are) there is still so much grinding to do that drives away any will to play this game for more than a couple of days, because everything becomes stale way too quickly.


Some things I'd change:


-Levequests should give MUCH more experience than they do. It is a terrible way of leveling which is absurd because they are the most varied kind of quests in the game. It invalidates a bunch of content for no reason. And the rewards are terrible! Put more interesting stuff and unique glamour pieces. There could also be a bunch of levequests for light party or 2 people so friends could level classes together, with unique mechanics that can only be executed by more than one person.


-All dungeons should adopt the tokens vintage gear uses for glamour, it is so dreadful to spam a dungeon for the piece of vanity you look for. Spending more time obtaining an item than using it is crazy. I used to change my glamour every week or so. If it takes 2 to get what I want, it's just no worth it anymore, and there goes 50% of my fun already.


Personal Feedback for FFXV Free Login Campaign


-Eorzea is abandoned! There is no follow up to any story or npcs, it's a shame that after everything that has happened, people like your class teachers have nothing more to say or do. The world does not feel alive at all because no one reacts to anything.


-Crafting and Gathering only help themselves and the walls on the rewards are just too high. Everything past 2* is just a mess. No fun at all, it feels like work.


-As for grinding dungeons, here's the thing: if I have to do the same thing again and again, by the time I get what I want I will be sick of that piece of content and will not want to see it ever again, so much so that I won't ever do it even if friends asked me to. If I only had to do it a couple of times, I wouldn't be sick of it and would love to help people out! Which is what I had always done with EX Primals, because they were fun, short fights that I was never made to be sick of (a recoloured pony did not interest me, it felt more like the devs taking us for fools). More RNG is not a solution! Your own gacha games do a better job at it than this. Look at Mobius.


-Remove all the lockouts. Like seriously, it is dumb. Not being able to pace our own progress in a game where we spend money even if we are not playing is just working against the costumer instead of helping them having the best experience they can. It is counterproductive.


-Cash shop: it was a bad idea and it still is. Completely sours the game. What's worse is that instead having a balanced shop that will not disrupte the game but would help your costumer you're just having exclusive recolours, minions and glamours, which is what most of your game is about! Sell gil, tomestones and experience for people who don't want to farm it, not exclusive items! When some F2P shops are more balanced and fair to their playerbase than a sub game, it's bad.


That's it. I hope to see things improved because the game is actually a lot of fun, and if only we were allowed to tackle content as we pleased and without having to repeat it countless times it would be incredibly fun. Unfortunately it is spoiled by all the layers of RNG, timers and grinding stacked on top of it in attempt to keep their playerbase (when in my case, it only drives them away).

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