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I played back when Scholar, Final Fantasy XIV summoner and warrior were considered garbage and you would get kicked from Final Fantasy XIV FCs for playing them

Right after the Nantes Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward press-conference

My exact reaction is this: How dare summoners finally be viable? How dare they.


I played back when Scholar, Final Fantasy XIV summoner and warrior were considered garbage and you would get kicked from Final Fantasy XIV FCs for playing them, I tried to play summoner in 2.0 ARR and was always kicked out of raids and basically told to bugger off because a BLM did 100x more (and I knew it). So now that summoner is finally viable/comparable to BLM there is an outcry for nerfs? I don't buy it and it actually makes me a bit miffed. Summoners have needed sweeping changes for the longest time, as did BLM. Nothing could out AoE damage a black mage before, NOTHING. They spammed flare and absolutely trivialized content and arguably were the single reason why Final Fantasy XIV AoE speed runs became so popular. Because they could flare spam anything away. 


However for the BLM players to argue that their class is in a state similar to 2.x ARR summoner (As I have seen numerous times, not necessarily this particular article)... HAHAHAHAHA no. I have healed and watched so many BLM (enough to fully i179 SCH and Summoner!) that their AoE is STILL on point and is certainly comparable to summoner rotation. I even have seen (most of the time actually) their direct damage to a single target be greater than summoner, and yes this is including gear differences. The BLM is no where near in an unviable state as this article may have people exceedingly wrongly believe. Furthermore a BLM requires setup, as was marked many times before- but so does a summoner. A summoner needs to apply (and maintain) all DoT effects to get their Final Fantasy XIV DPS out.


I strongly feel that BLM gets better and better the more familiar they are with content. IE: Have fun as a new BLM in the last boss in neverreap. Then I see experienced i179 BLM in that same boss fight absolutely cheese it. So I outright flagrantly disagree with the notion that BLM is inferior to summoner- rather I'd say for the first time since the release of arcanist/summoner is farily balanced with thaum/Blackmage. Perhaps the 400 potency flare could be knocked down to 350- but in reality that is all I'd see needing balance. BLM can still chug a potion/their other options and spam flare far more easily than can a SMN spam their 400potency flare.


ALSO: I want to state that the expansion has only been officially out for about a week. People don't know their proper rotations 100% yet, they are not yet familiar with their abilities or the boss battles. ALL OF THOSE THINGS IMPACT THE BLM DIRECTLY. Why? Because when a BLM knows they can just blow up faces with enochian and ley lines they will be able to and in such a state do wreck face. The more familiar one is with content/the better the player the higher the reward from BLM. In a month BLM will be back to being king.

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