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I say "harsher", but it should really be "some form of", for as far as I know, they don't receive any discipline.

The harsher punishment for mentors breaking the FFXIV rules

I say "harsher", but it should really be "some form of", for as far as I know, they don't receive any discipline.


I am attempting to complete the achievement for completing 2000 runs of the mentor roulette, and I have noticed a trend in many mentors. If the instance they receive takes a while to complete naturally, or if the difficulty can greatly lengthen a run if some members are new or are not too familiar with a duty, they would rather not attempt to complete the duty. However, instead of simply leaving the duty and receiving a penalty, they will either fake a disconnection error in hopes of getting kicked by the party, or they will actually try to get the party to abandon the duty, if runs aren't completed in a timely fashion.


Some mentors that do the above are looking to get quick, easy rewards for their daily roulette, but others are doing it so they can get the 2000 runs completed as fast and as easily as possible, in order to receive the mount awarded for doing so.


But it doesn't stop there. A few days ago, I ran about 15 mentor roulette runs in a row. A lot of time, right? Nope. Took about 15 minutes total. The reason for that is I encountered two groups, both of which had a mentor, that were boosting mentor roulette runs of the Guildhest "Under the Armor". For those unfamiliar, the quest takes under a minute to complete.


The harsher punishment for mentors breaking the FFXIV rules


Both groups had the same setup: The mentor, another player on the same server, or even same FC as them, and a healer made on a dummy alt. One of the mentor's actually had the nerve to accuse me of botting because I wasn't helping to burn the boss as fast as possible, as I was trying to figure out what was going on, since something seemed off.


I had considered taking a break from using the mentor roulette when I got the same group and guildhest time and again, but it dawned on me how messed up it was that I should stop using a feature of the game because some mentors wanted to cheat to get a mount.


I reported the groups, but I don't think anything was done. Of the two mentors in those groups, it so happens that I had reported one a few days prior for faking a disconnect to avoid a penalty for leaving. And that's just from me. The mentor doing this is known across the data center, and not in a good way.


I have nothing against any of the mentors, and contrary to what some may think, many of the mentors I have encountered in the duty finder are quite competent...when they actually stick around. I also haven't really seen any instances of mentors mouthing off, but by faking disconnects, they force the rest of the party to wait up to five minutes to remove them and require one member of the party to use their four-hour-cooldown vote kick. In some cases, the act of the disconnect causes the duty to be abandoned.


By boosting mentor roulette runs, they force unlucky mentors looking for a challenging or stimulating run to do the same instance over and over and over again.


Mentor Chicken - While not something that is in violation of any rules or something that should necessarily be punished, it shows how bad the situation is. Two mentors, that when placed in the same party and given a run that would take a while to complete, will pretend to be staying for the duration in order to convince the other mentor to leave first. If one mentor can get the other to leave, the second one can leave without suffering a penalty.

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