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That is not to say that Defense is not important; however defense does not have to mean sitting and waiting for an inevitable attack. This is particularly true in a game like FFXIV.

The Value of Fighting and Killing in PvP

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about the significance of actually fighting in PvP, and I figured I should put out a thread for discussion. I apologize for the wall of text, but I wanna kick this off with some solid footing that explains my position.


*What I'm about to say makes certain assumptions:


1. "Defense" as I'm using it here refers to node camping, as I've rarely seen a "defensive tactic" employed in this game that does anything other.


2. We’re talking about an "ideal team." That is not to say a "perfect" team that only wins. “Ideal” refers to a team that is capable of communicating and acting as a unit. This means attacking things as a unit, focusing your dps, burning down targets as a mob, not individuals. Obviously none of this works if you have a bunch of quacking ducks as your teammates, but, then, nothing works for such teams.


And 3. You want to win. I never settle for second place. To me, there is no second or third. There is only victory and defeat.


When it comes to fighting in PvP, I side with "aggressive tactics" for 3 reasons:


1. Point multiplication. Embrace the gamble.


People underestimate the point difference gained from simply having a node (no combat) to having a node that you had to bleed someone else for. This is a double edged sword, obviously, as you stand to lose as much as you gain. However, it is rarely advantageous to simply maintain the status quo, or, worse yet, bleed slowly over a series of small “defense” skirmishes. It’s better to take the initiative.


In warfare, Momentum and Maneuver are extremely important. The army which exploits both (not simply sitting in place and waiting for the enemy to come to them) wins. That is not to say that Defense is not important; however defense does not have to mean sitting and waiting for an inevitable attack. This is particularly true in a game like FFXIV.


53% of the jobs in this game are built for offense, NOT defense. Further, the defensive capabilities of the remaining 47% are extremely limited. You cannot, for example, build trenches, set up cannons, form a defensive line, etc. There’s no real way to physically stop an enemy advance … besides outright killing them. So, again, #Kill Kill Kill.


2. Supressing the enemy is often more important that winning a node.


If you leave a team to farm node points without any opposition they’ll accumulate. If you let them get into combat in which they are "farming kills," that accumulation gets multiplied. If you let this continue for too long and they get battle highs/fevers, than there’s almost no stopping them. Attacking the leading GC might not seem like the best idea, but not attacking them is substantially worse in the long run.


This is why sometimes attacking a node is not about actually attacking the node. It’s about bleeding your enemy. Often, it’s better to focus on the kills than it is to focus on trying to actually get the capture. You might not walk away from the fight with a massive point boost, but the benefit is that you stopped them from getting too far ahead.


3. It’s simply more fun to fight.


PvP is about fighting, and killing, your fellow man. Yet a lot of players are content to avoid combat as much as possible. This is mind blowing to me. If you want to play the game, than play the game. You have your whole real life to act the coward and do the boring things that we’re all expected to do. In the digital world, strut your stuff and go ham. It’s not like your gambling with your real life anyway.


Worse, the more reckless players that like to fight get restless with a defensive team. This leads to people running off and doing their own thing… and dying… a lot. It's a team game. You need the team to fight. People have a lot of pent up aggression. Might as well let them have their fun by directing it rather than trying to convince them to sit on their thumbs until they inevitably get overrun playing "defense."


Again, defense does not have to be passive. The further the fight is away from the node the more buffer space you have and the less likely it is that someone will cap it (save for those sneaky ninjas).


I realize that a lot of people will disagree with the things I've written, and rightfully so (nothing is black and white), but we don't really have a thread to discuss or argue about it. So, here it is:

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