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Hello, you may no me as the guy that calls the game out on its staleness and its stubbornness to evolve, so here are my ideas on how to make the game more interesting in a not so monotonous way so I'll probably edit this a lot.

UFFXIV: 10 Suggestions for Final Fantasy XIV

Hello, you may no me as the guy that calls the game out on its staleness and its stubbornness to evolve, so here are my ideas on how to make the game more interesting in a not so monotonous way so I'll probably edit this a lot. 


1. More interaction between Free Companies, this can be done in many ways. Guild Tournaments, company points, actual company leader boards. A tournament could be so cool. Each company would pay a hefty entrance fee to enter, it would be a bracket layout, each company faces off in a PvP environment until one is the winner. The prize could be the accumulation of all the entrance fees and bragging rights. Free Companies should be competitive. As PvP stands right now its based mostly on you or a lame Grand Company you randomly picked years ago. So throw the FCs into the mix.


2. Gear/weapon stats and sets. I think it would be wonderful if obtaining a full set added extra benefits. Company gear actually somewhat did this but not in a very meaningful way, just a few extra stats. But you were rewarded for having matching pieces. Special effects connected to gear could augment our already existing skills. More potency, an added slow effect, increased buff duration for a specific skill, the possibilities are huge. But as of now we just have generic number stats. yay.


3.The Overworld. If you wander around Eorzea it is quite dead, I do this often when I'm waiting in the DF. I see no new players in the new areas, nobody really anywhere except for Limsa's aetheryte and Idyllshire. There is no solo/party content in the overworld at level 60. What do I mean by that? What if there are level 60 mobs that actually drop meaningful materials and are a challenge to kill? People that are into crafting can get them, and people that are not into crafting could just sell them for a profit. As it stands right now there are not many meaningful ways for a battle class to make money on their own. We are pigeon holed into a crafting or gathering class to make our money. Thats cool if you're into that, but I like killing things, not sewing. So let me make my money in the overworld by doing what I enjoy, killing stuff. An other idea for Overworld content, and some may realllly disagree but. WORLD BOSSES, I mean mega bosses that are unique to specific areas. Not fates like odin, I mean a big bad mofo that owns that area and is always there chilling. The reward could be like the rewards from odin, you get drops that you trade in for other items, but useful items.


UFFXIV: 10 Suggestions for Final Fantasy XIV


4. Stats. I feel that the stats are very direct, this increases this and only this, while this increases that and only that. What if some of the stats had duality to them up to a cap? Lets say that DEX increases EVA, Crit, and ranged damage. The first 20 points in Dex would increase your Crit/Eva to a cap lets say 5-10%. You could decide between pure damage, or some damage with some crit. Would any Black Mages be willing to dump 20 points into DEX for 10% crit chance? I would. What if Piety didn't just increase your MP but also gave you mdef. Now a tank like Dark Knight may consider a few points into piety. Thus we have diversity.


5. This one everyone wants, Character Customization. Sliders would be great, like really great. Pre made faces and facial features ends up with players that look very similar to eachother. New hairstyles every few patches is nice but hair can only do so much. When was the last time we got a new face? I have no clue.


6. Dungeons Raids and Trials. Since the Dawn of 2.0 we've had these 3 with little change to them so what if we simply alter them a bit. We have 8 man raids, why not an 8 man full party dungeon? That could be pretty interesting. Or a 32 man Raid. I don't know but its always been 4,8,24 for each one of them.


7. New content. Time Attack. An 8 man full party starts out in the middle of a platform, a timer starts and mobs start spawning around you, they converge and you fight them. The mobs keep coming with an occasional boss coming out (alongside other mobs). Your party dies at the 6 minute mark. Your party gets a silver medal and is rewarded with whatever silver gets. That might be fun, a short intense fight with many enemies and bosses that give moderate rewards with a daily bonus.


8. Better potions. Ethers are almost useless with an absurd cooldown. The cooldown does not equal the mp restored to me. Same with potions. Why are they even still in the game? Probably remnants of 1.0. Consumable items are so underwhelming.


9. A new gatherer or crafter. I'm not 100% sure because I started playing around 2.3 but have we always had the same gatherers and crafters? So maybe a new one with a new mechanic could be introduced rather than just 3 battle classes all the time.


10. Tomes. I do not enjoy tomes. I do not enjoy this looming number that I have to reach by a certain time. Tomes have left a sour taste in my mouth from a design point of view. I feel like this is the source of the monotony, just something about actually being in the world from level 1-60 then suddenly getting all my stuff from some shop and just waiting in the duty finder is boring.

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